Al Local

At least four times a year, one for each season, you have to go and see Luca in his restaurant “Al Local“. Defining it as a dinner or lunch is rather simplistic, when I sit in his restaurant I never know what to expect from the imagination of his chef Matteo Tagliapietra, I could almost rename him “Il Tintoretto” .. the taste buds are ready for new combinations and also the eyes will derive enjoyment from admiring his works of art.

Matteo grew up in the island of Burano, which before its coloured houses and lace used to be famous for its community of fishermen. He used to go fishing with his father and grandfather and to cook the catch with his mum, appreciating very early the quality of the ingredients available in our lagoon and their seasonality. 

Castello 3303 – Salisada dei Greci – 30122 Venezia | Ph. +39 041 24111 28 |