At the SAN LIO TH Venice. In order to reduce the time spent at the reception, we will ask our Guests to send their IDs in advance, before arrival, so that, as soon as the Guests arrive at the property, they will only need to sign the privacy form. Upon check in, Guests will be informed about all the procedures taking place in the property regarding the cleaning and sanitizing process of rooms and common areas.
In order to avoid any physical contact,it is advisable that such information is sent by email or via text message or whatsapp.
Room keys will be cleaned and sanitized with alcohol at every check in. Before each arrival, the keys will be placed in an envelope.

We will describe  to our Guests our open outlets and their working times.We will ask our Guests if they have preferences regarding housekeeping times.Guests may request that, during their stay, the cleaning staff does not proceed with the service.
At check-in we will require the credit card preauthorization or payment.


The luggage storage service is temporarily suspended.


Cleaning: the sanitizing process will be carried out by our trained housekeeping staff. Rooms will be constantly aerated during the process. In addition to the standard cleaning procedure, we will sanitize with sodium hypochlorite or with alcohol all the surfaces the Guests are more likely to touch, such as handles, phones, remote controls, pens, bathroom faucets, shower mixers, bathtubs, showers, desks, tables, etc). Bed linens and towels will be washed at very high temperature. Minibars will be thoroughly cleaned inside and outside.


We have reinforced our cleaning staff, increased the frequency with which we disinfect common areas of the property, and in particular those items and areas that are shared by all: lobby, door handles, entrance doors, etc. The staff was trained according to the guidelines of the “Accoglienza Sicura Covid-19” protocol to prevent the spread of COVID 19, using new cleaning and disinfection techniques suggested by WHO. We have provided our employees with personal protective equipment. They will always wear masks and gloves. We are using cleaning products recommended specifically for disinfecting COVID 19. Guests will find hand sanitizer at their complete disposal in all common areas.


This innovative method of sanitation determines the removal of spores, bacteria, parasites and viruses to a greater extent than any chemical product.
Ozone, one of the most powerful bactericides found in nature. Up to 25 times more effective than chlorine, it acts on bacteria and molds, modifying the permeability of the cell wall, thus causing its death in a few minutes. Extremely effective against viruses to which it damages the viral capsid and disrupts their reproductive cycle by interrupting virus-cell contact thanks to hyperoxidation and inactivates it in a time ranging from 10 to 20 minutes of exposure. In its gaseous form it allows meticulous sanitization in any environment as being a gas it can reach even the most inaccessible ravines making it indispensable for full environmental sanitization.