Moving with Gondola

A large gondola led by two gondoliers is the fastest and cheaper of the ways to get to know the most famous of the Venetian boats. The city, cut in two by the Grand Canal, offers the possibility to pass from one side to another using only 3 bridges (the Ponte degli Scalzi, the Rialto bridge and the Accademia bridge).

The boats cross the Gran Canal incessantly, so the wait never lasts longer than a few minutes. When you get on board, you can sit in the few available seats, carefully lean on the gondola edge, or just stand, remember that Venetians generally prefer to stand.

How much is a gondola ride? Very cheap for Venetian standards. Only 2 euro to give the gondolier when you are getting off. The Traghetto can be tried by the tourist to live a moment as a true lagoon citizen.

Gondola departure points:

  • Santa Sofia 7:30-20
  • San Marcuola 9-13
  • Rialto Carbon 8-13
  • San Tomà 7:30-20
  • San Barnaba 8:30-13:30
  • Santa Maria del Giglio 9-18